All politics are local. My experiences in Baghdad led me to relentlessly pursue achieving energy independence, mitigating climate change, and protecting our natural resources. As individuals, communities, and as a city, we all have a stake in a more sustainable future. All views are Josh's and not those of his current or former employers.
The Most Popular Man in Iran
January 05, 2020
Our assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani and the Iraqi Parliament's pending vote to expel our service members presents an opportunity to completely disengage from the Middle East.

The McIntyre
July 29, 2019
City councilors are elected to act in the best interest of all residents and not to simply vote how residents want them to during times of adversity.

Live Free or Die
July 04, 2019
Congress' disregard for their constitutional responsibilities are why some Americans are actually celebrating our war criminals and most Americans appear unconcerned that we are on the brink of war with Iran.

Only You Can Prevent Climate Change
April 21, 2019
We are the last generation that can do something to mitigate the worst of climate change and that can only begin with everyone changing our daily lives.

Enough with Turkey!
March 08, 2019
The United States should discontinue our nonexistent strategic partnerships with authoritarian rulers like Turkish President Recep Erdogan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that simply maintain our standard living and put the same levels of investments it does in arms productions towards renewable energy to get off oil and disengage from the Middle East altogether.

An Open Letter to Dr. Lomborg, Dr. Peiser, and Mr. McConnell
October 18, 2018
Since its unanimous adoption on March 5th, the City Council has been systematically implementing our Renewable Energy Policy that moves not just our municipal operations, but all residences, businesses, and both vehicles originating in and traveling through Portsmouth towards becoming a 'Net Zero Energy' community.

Israel, Russia, and the Coming War with Iran
August 04, 2018
The United States should withdraw its unequivocal support, return to being a fair broker, and potentially leave the Middle East to its own devices if Israel does not start removing its settlements, begin taking down its internal fences, and work towards becoming a full democracy to resolve the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

Support the Troops
July 04, 2018
The best way for our elected officials to honor our military personnel is by preserving the health-care the Department of Veterans Affairs provides for when they leave the service because it is impossible for politicians to favor more private health-care options for our veterans while being totally against privatization.

Recycle, Compost, Farm to School
June 03, 2018
Three existing supplemental programs that the Portsmouth City Council should continue to fund in the upcoming FY19 budget are our single-stream recycling, curbside compost pilot, and the Farm to School program.

Amend the First Amendment to Solve the Second Amendment
March 14, 2018
Any meaningful national legislation on gun reform would likely first require independent campaign expenditures regulations, nonpartisan redistricting commissions, and primary systems designed to produce moderate candidates that have widespread support.

Adopt the Renewable Energy Policy
February 22, 2018
The Portsmouth City Council is considering doing our part to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by adopting the Renewable Energy Committee's local energy policy that was envisioned by our 2025 Master Plan to move Portsmouth towards Net Zero.

Into the Heart of Darkness
December 21, 2017
If Congress does not repeal the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force, the four American combat advisors killed in Niger will not be the only American casualties in sub-Saharan Africa due to our materialistic culture's need for raw materials.

End the Afghanistan War
November 11, 2017
It is time for our elected officials to admit to themselves that Afghanistan's tribal culture will not change, be truthful with the American public on the actual impact our counterproductive military operations are having, and bring our service members home.

Renew the American Spirit
July 04, 2017
Our abundant natural resources, fertile soils, and favorable climates in combination with our democratic institutions and two ocean buffers allowed America to become great.

Honey Matters
May 19, 2017
A third of modern agriculture's food supply would not exist if the honey bee goes extinct like many of Mother Nature's other ghosts.

A Minimum Deterrent Earth Day Strategy
April 19, 2017
America should adopt a minimum deterrent strategy before our current nuclear weapon arsenal causes the Doomsday Clock to strike midnight.

Legalize Marijuana
February 27, 2017
Legalizing marijuana would make life more enjoyable, lessen the profit big pharmaceutical companies make off the opioid crisis, and reduce the imprisonment of so many nonviolent offenders.

NASA's Needed Mars Mission
January 06, 2017
Discovering if life exists on Mars, Jupiter's Europa, or Saturn's Titan would be humankind's most momentous event since Copernicus' heliocentric model.

UNH Should Divest
November 09, 2016
The University of New Hampshire should divest its endowment from the carbon industry to help reshape our extraction culture, protect its endowment from stranded assets, and prevent the need for any ill-fated geoengineering attempts.

The Earth in the Balance
October 13, 2016
Our greatest fears of a 3 ½ to 7-degree Celsius temperature increase should not be for those displaced by severe droughts, extreme precipitation events, or the forecasted sea level rise, but for the endangerment of the very diversity of our oceans, forests, and food supply.

Carbon Fee and Dividend
September 08, 2016
Economists widely agree that America's Paris Agreement pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions eighty percent from 2005 levels by 2050 can only be achieved by a price or tax on carbon dioxide.

We Need a New Authorization to Use Military Force
August 10, 2016
Congress' failure to authorize our large, all-volunteer, standing military to combat the Islamic State goes against the Constitution's system of checks and balances.

Eat Local
June 30, 2016
Eating well grown, locally sourced, and more nutritional foods would be healthier for the planet with less oil being consumed, fewer American service members fighting wars in oil abundant regions, and climate change being less grim.

Reducing America's Oil Dependence Will Reduce War
May 21, 2016
Almost every major conflict the United States military has been engaged in for the past twenty five years stems from protecting our oil dependent lifestyle that paradoxically is making climate change, our true existential threat, fiercer.

Opening Pandora's Box
April 14, 2016
More and more American service members are fighting the Islamic State despite extremely complex nation states and a dizzying number of groups working out of tandem to accomplish often polar objectives.

Reduce our all-volunteer standing military to reduce the conflicts they fight in
March 21, 2016
Having a large all-volunteer standing military goes against what our founding fathers envisioned, shields the American public from the wars they fight, and can be readily deployed by the president without congressional authorization.

Partner with Iranian Moderates
February 01, 2016
Instead of demonizing Iran under the guise of national security, our politicians should challenge orthodox hardline rhetoric, push for diplomatic relations, and work with Iranian moderates towards stabilizing the Middle East.

Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Dangers America
December 18, 2015
Our elected officials should take real actions towards strengthening our national security instead of assisting the Islamic State with propaganda victories by saying vetted Iraqi and Syrian refugees are not welcome in their home states.